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12 Basic Stock Investing Rules By C.C. Collins There are many important things you need to know to trade and invest successfully in the stock market or any other market. 12 of the most important things that I can share with you based on many years of trading experience are enumerated below. Read the complete article here.
Trend Trading By Tony Spann Peter is a professional trader, Paul is not. Peter has a tested, proven, written trading plan that he follows each time he enters a trade, Paul does not. Peter has agreed to meet with Paul to help Paul become a more successful trader. Read the complete article here.
Market Timing By Al Thomas Every broker and financial planner will tell you that you cannot time the stock market. I saw John Bogle, the great seer of Vanguard, on CNBC saying it can’t be done. Of course, it is easy to understand why he and every other mutual fund manager would say that as they would have a problem managing huge ... Read the complete article here.
Buying Stocks and the Importance of Correct Timing By Chris Perruna An investor can find and research the best stock on the market, one with huge potential but if the general market indices are negative, it will most likely be the wrong time to buy. A stock with tremendous accelerating earnings, rising sales, an up-trending chart pattern and a strong industry group may sound excellent to buy but .... Read the complete article here.
It Can't Be Done By Al Thomas Wouldn't it be nice if you were only in the stock market when it was going up and have everything transferred to cash while it is going down? It is called 'market timing' and your broker or financial planner will tell you ''it can't be done''. What that person just told you is he doesn't know how to do it. He doesn't know his job. Read Complete Article Here
The Realities Of Market Timing By Robert van Delden The bottom line for me is that timing is very challenging. I believe that for most investors, the best route to success is to have somebody else make the actual timing moves for you. You can have it done by a professional. Read Complete Article Here
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