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Finace/Investment Portals

Yahoo Finance: Finance portal. Latest market news and general investment information.

T.Rowe Price: Excellent source for investor education.

MSN Money: Investment tools, market news, stock research, quotes and charts. 

ADVFN: Provides lots of company financial information in an easy to view format.

Technical Analysis Analysis using candle stick charts.  Has background information on candlestick charting. Outstanding Java charts! Excellent charting tools along with fundamental information. Another good site for quotes and charts. Good source for historical charts.  Has point & figure and candlestick charts. Screening tool to find William J. O’Neil's CANSLIM stocks. Useful technical analysis on stocks and mutual funds.

Fundamental Analysis

Market Valuation Ratios from Martin Capital: See indicaters such as P/E, P/D, etc. for S&P500. Morningstar's Major Fund Owners section lists the mutual funds with the largest holdings of a selected stock, along with Morningstar's Star Ratings of each of those funds. A company's local newspaper often has information that you won't find elsewhere. Here's a comprehensive directory of U.S. newspaper websites. 

SEC Info: Free source for SEC reports.

Market Commentary/Advice

Bloomberg: A good source for value stock ideas.

Hulbert Financial Digest: Tracks the performance of stock market investment newsletters.

PaceSetters: Publishes a monthly portfolio of recommended stocks based on fundamental criteria. 

Stock Book: Has tools to evaluate stock and mutual fund performance and odds of further upside based on technical analysis.

Comstock Partners: Market and economic commentary -- somewhat bearish bias.

Money Manager Review: Interviews with money managers.

Prudent Bear: Market commentary -- obviously bearish.

Europac Capital: Provides their current outlook on Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities.

Analyst Ratings & Forecasts  

CBS Marketwatch: Finance portal. Earnings expectation numbers.

New Ratings: Full analyst news and ratings coverage.

Financial Trend Forecaster:  Predicts inflation rate one-year into the future. Based neural network computer models, generates forecasts of interest rates, stock market indexes, retail sales, and much more. Supermarket of Trading Strategies -- helps you find a strategy that works for you!

Fixed Income Investing

Bonds Online: Information on all kinds of fixed income securities including corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasuries, CDs, etc. Excellent educational site for beginning as well as experienced bond investors. 

Quantum Online: Information on preferred stocks and other exchange-traded income investments.

Yahoo Bond Center: You can search for bonds based on your criteria. Publishes bond and corporate credit ratings. Another bond rating service. 

Economic Analysis

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Source for U.S. employment, consumer spending, and inflation data. Source of consumer confidence survey information. 

Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis: Publishes detailed U.S. economic data including GDP, personal income, corporate profits, etc.  

Dismal Scientist: Latest economic trends and reports. 

Economic Cycle Research Institute: Publishes Weekly Leading Index (WLI). Links to the latest reports for economic indicators that are compiled by U.S. Government agencies.

Federal Reserve: Lots of economic data along with the latest Fed meeting minutes. Links to economic statistics collected by U.S. Government agencies. 

Free Lunch: A comprehensive source of economic data. Publishes monthly investor optimism numbers (often used as contrary market indicator).

Stock Charts Market Map Graphically see outperforming sector, country, or industry indices.

University of Michigan: Publishes consumer sentiment data. 

White House Economic Briefing Room: Latest statistics released by the U.S. Government in an easy to find format.

Edward Yardeni: All kinds of information available here from the popular economist.
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