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Today is Welcome To Ajay Sohmshetty's Website

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If you are bored and want to have a little fun, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Ajju.com! There is lots of stuff to do here!! If you feel like playing a game, you can play a game in the games section. If you are in the mood for a story, click the Stories link above. If you feel like reading a funny poem, read them in the Poems link. Think you're really smart?? Try solving one of the puzzles or answering questions in one of the links above! 

Here are some video games recomended by me:

1. Age of Mythology

2. Warcraft III

3. Halo 3


I also know some cheats to some of them.

For Warcraft III first press enter and type in GreedIsgood 100000000(or how many ever zeros you want) to get 100000000 gold and wood. Beware : This cheat does not work on battle.net or any multiplayer game.

As an exclusive, in Warcarft's battle.net custom game, Footmen Frenzy 5.4, if you are green, you are accessed to 2 different cheats. The first cheat is that in the beggining, when you are choosing a hero, type ".f m (hero's name hero (such as jaood)1 ". The second cheat is if you want 1k gold. Type  " .f m hio" to do this.

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