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The Old Man

There lived an old man,

He lived in a can,

his head was as long as his hand span,

and his friend Jan,

was a big, huge fan!

My mom

My mom is nice,

My mom is kind,

She can help me unwind,

She is always there,

So she can look,

after my like a book.

My Dad

My dad fixed my bike,

He helped me do my homework,

He even helped my friend named mike,

He said he was happy,

When mydad fixed his watch,

I am proud of my dad.

The dog in the Family

My dogs name is spot,

He knows he's got,

A big brown spot,

On his left ear he thought,

But on his back it was,

But I do not think he does,

know because,

He is my dog!

The Bow

One day I was playing with my bow,

So I was doing so,

Then the wind started to blow ,

Untill I saw my foe,

a tornado!

The Best Guest

I got a guest,

He had fine clothes,

I thought he was the best,

But I thought,

I'll put him to the test!

Every answer was correct,

He said this,

And he said that,

He even showed me his great big hat!

I gave him a kit-kat,

For this was the best,

the best guest.


Food, food,

Helps your mood,

carrots, peas, and lettuce too,

These are things you have to chew,

Icky, slimy, gooy, goo,

These are things you should not chew,

If you eat an ice cream cone,

It gives you dairy and helps your bone,

So what are we talking about?



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