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Here is a story called Havok Hacks Frankdale

Havoc Hacks Frankdale

“Sire, we need backup. They are just too powerful.  They have demolished all our nearby settlements.”
        “Ok, I will send some troops. Hold on there, ok?”
        “We’ll do our b- ahhhhh! I am being ambushed!”
        “Get out of there! Run to your jeep! General Tom? Do you read me?”
        “Tom is dead.”
        “What? Who is this?”
        “Let’s just say I am your worst enemy.”
Just then the line went dead. Oh no. That is the second General we lost today. We need a larger army.  Ever since we attacked Datel with a bomber they just wanted revenge. And that is what they were getting. Being the president of Frankdale is not an easy job. Although we have the biggest army, the best technology, the best wepeans, and the best bombs in the world, we have it all in Morex. Morex is the largest yet most reliable state. You see, the Datel have high tech satellites. We once tried to launch a guided missile there but it all messed up. First the entire thing got on fire, and then we lost control of it. Actually it endangered the entire world!
        Just then a guy walked in.
        “Mr. President,” he said, “They are invading the eastern side of the country. Sh-Should we attack?”
        “But sir, they have a larger army than us” he stammered.
        “Yes because they teamed up with the Tebice countries”
        “How many?” I asked.
        “You don’t want to know. I have to go”
        “No, tell me” I ordered.
        “Um, all 263 of them” he replied his head down. Then he walked out of the room. I needed to call a meeting immediately, because too many things were going on. Just then, the Vice president came in.

"Mr. President, we are all out of control. I think we should call the remaining number of Generals and call the entire legislative branch."

"Then, what are you waiting for?"

For a few seconds he just stood there. Then he ran back to the thirteenth floor and went to work. Hmmm. At least thats what I think he did. Anyway I needed more people to join our army. Well since they signed a treaty with the Tebice, maybe we could do the same except with a different country. Like the Pentallium. We could team up with Pentallium. Yeah, thats is what we could do. But the only problem is that I don't really want to take their country.

Just then a person knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I shouted loud enough for that person to hear.

And that guy happened to be the Mayor of Morex.

"Ok, as soon as I got that email from the vice president I came here as fast as I could. Am I late for the meeting? I hope not because he said it was ergent."

"Oh of course not! You are not late. Do not worry, the meeting is at 5 o-clock"

I looked at the time. It said 4:37.

"Well I guess we should be on our way. By the time we reach there it will be four."


In the meeting we all took turns talking. The mayor of Morex said we should beg for mercy. I disagreed. The vice president said we have to take all our people - men, women, children- all out to war. I didn't like that either. Soon we were all out of ideas. So I spoke up. "I have an idea! Well I donno, but we might be able to sign a treatie with the Pentallium."

"Sire! Thats a great idea! Its so simple I should have thought of it before!"

"Yes it is good. But we have one problem. What if they disagree with the treatie?" said srin.

There was a commotion after that sentence. Then I decided to speak up.

"Well it's our only hope. I guess it's worth a try."

There was silence. Nobody spoke.

"I agree." said General George.

"Me too" said General Ron.

"Then lets go for it" I said. Everybody started cheering.


The next day I wrote the treatie with the Generals.

"I really hope that it works" I heard someone say after we wrote the note.

"Yeah me too." I said.



"What is wrong with the pentellium? Why didn't we get the treatie yet? Iye iye iye!"

I just sat there in silence.

"I'm afraid we must go to war, then."  I said.

"But how? They have a larger army than us fighting all over!!" General Ed exlaimed.

"Yeah but that's including the Tebice's army.So we have to get the Tebice out of our business first. Then we can may be able to stop them." I said.

"But how are we going to get the Tebice out of this mess?" General Fred asked.

"By threatening that we will bomb every city that they have with all of our bombs." I said.

"But we don't have that many bombs" General Bob said

"They don't know that" I said.

"Mr. President, when did you become so smart?" General Fred asked.


After we voted on wheather we should do it or not, which we voted to do it, we then had to somehow call the Tebice.

"We should tell them by sending them a letter." General Bob said.

"Ok. But we must act quickly. Time is of esscence!" I said. General Bob quickly wrote the letter. He then ran out and gave the letter to the nearby messenger. The messenger took that note and was off to deliever the letter.



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